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The Best Wraps In Montreal

All of our wraps are made from the freshest ingredients with our signature sauce.


Try the best wraps in Montreal accompanied by a fresh salad and a beverage.
That's a Combo !


Ask about our 3 blends of carefully selected gourmet coffee or one of our specialty coffees.


Wrap City offers a variety of beverages.
From Spring Water, juices and sodas to icy cold beers or wine....
Enjoy whatever floats your boat with one of our delicious wraps.


Our gourmet muffins will take you on an epicurean journey!
Let the sensation melt in your mouth and start your day off with a smile!

Our Fruit Plate

Try a seasonal fruit platter - always fresh !


Indulge in the finest vegetables the garden has to offer.
Always crunchy & always fresh !


Delicious soups and chili made from only
the freshest of ingredients

Our Mid-West Chili is served daily
8 OZ $ 4.95 and 16 OZ $ 8.95


8 OZ $ 2.95          16 OZ $ 5.95


$2.95 $5.95 Sunday Chicken Noodle, Vegetable Beef with Barley,
and Cream of Broccoli
$2.95 $5.95 Monday Chicken Noodle, Italian Wedding,
and Cream of Leek & Potatoe
$2.95 $5.95 Tuesday Chicken Noodle, Creole Chicken Gumbo,
and Cream of Mushroom
$2.95 $5.95 Wednesday Chicken Noodle, Homestyle Minestrone,
Cream of Brocoli
$2.95 $5.95 Thursday Chicken Noodle, Vegetable Beef with Barley,
Cream of Leek & Potatoe
$2.95 $5.95 Friday Chicken Noodle, Canadian Pea Soup,
Boston Clam Chowder
$2.95 $5.95 Saturday Chicken Noodle, Italian Wedding,
Lentil with Roasted Garlic

* All prices subject to change without notice


The Freshest Ingredients


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