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The Best Wraps In Montreal

All of our wraps are made from the freshest ingredients with our signature sauce.


Try the best wraps in Montreal accompanied by a fresh salad and a beverage.
That's a Combo !


Ask about our 3 blends of carefully selected gourmet coffee or one of our specialty coffees.


Wrap City offers a variety of beverages.
From Spring Water, juices and sodas to icy cold beers or wine....
Enjoy whatever floats your boat with one of our delicious wraps.


A great way
to start your day


Our gourmet muffins will take you on an epicurean journey!
Let the sensation melt in your mouth and start your day off with a smile!

Our Fruit Plate

Try a seasonal fruit platter - always fresh !


Indulge in the finest vegetables the garden has to offer.
Always crunchy & always fresh !


Delicious soups and chili made from only
the freshest of ingredients

Our Mid-West Chili is served daily
8 OZ $ 4.95 and 16 OZ $ 8.95


8 OZ $ 2.95          16 OZ $ 5.95


$2.95 $5.95 Sunday Chicken Noodle, Vegetable Beef with Barley,
and Cream of Broccoli
$2.95 $5.95 Monday Chicken Noodle, Italian Wedding,
and Cream of Leek & Potatoe
$2.95 $5.95 Tuesday Chicken Noodle, Creole Chicken Gumbo,
and Cream of Mushroom
$2.95 $5.95 Wednesday Chicken Noodle, Homestyle Minestrone,
Cream of Brocoli
$2.95 $5.95 Thursday Chicken Noodle, Vegetable Beef with Barley,
Cream of Leek & Potatoe
$2.95 $5.95 Friday Chicken Noodle, Canadian Pea Soup,
Boston Clam Chowder
$2.95 $5.95 Saturday Chicken Noodle, Italian Wedding,
Lentil with Roasted Garlic

* All prices subject to change without notice


The Freshest Ingredients


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